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CORE Financial Strategies focus on maintaining responsibility, access to your funds, and control over your money, your future, and your success.

Our Philosophy is About Empowerment

CORE Wealth Strategists have financial knowledge beyond the limiting boundaries of today’s conventional thinking when it comes to establishing and preserving wealth. Many people who come to us are not aware that they have potential that is greater than what they are on track to accomplish. Through innovative CORE strategies and methodologies, we strive to get them on a course to achieve financial success beyond what they believed was possible.


Building on Proven Economic Principles

Our philosophy was established based on time-tested economic principles. We take a deliberate, strategy-oriented approach based on principles and financial philosophies that have been effective for years. The Core Wealth Strategy measures the economic potential at each personal and business milestone. This allows the strategists at Core Financial to concentrate on the plan that will help expand the economic potential of each client at every defining financial moment. This company exists for the sole purpose of attempting to activate the best wealth building and protection strategies to guide and empower our clients to reach both personal and business prosperity.

How Are You Focusing Your Energy?

Focus on achieving your wants and dreams.

  • Are you focused on how much you have to save? Start thinking about how you take advantage of EVERY opportunity to build wealth.
  • Are you focused on your rate of return? Start thinking about how much money you can keep working for you through the recovery of lost opportunity cost.
  • Are you focused on how much your portfolio is worth? Start thinking about implementing strategies that increase overall cash flow.

Financial Planning in Auburn Hills MI - Local Financial Advisors - finance2The Future Depends On Today

Our team at Core Financial Group enjoys looking at the big picture of your personal economy to determine what calculated move we need to make next. We have developed strategies to help increase cash flow, accelerate wealth building, and optimize opportunities. Core Financial Group enables our customers to position themselves a more flexible and sustainable way to live with their finances. Conveniently located in Auburn Hills, our team meets with clients throughout Metro Detroit and Southeast Michigan. Schedule a free strategy session today. 

For more information on our Core Wealth Strategy, give us a call today at (888) 600-1112 to schedule a free strategy session where you can discover a new way to achieve your financial goals.
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