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Patrick C. Lalley

Patrick Lalley lives in Auburn Hills with his girlfriend, Stacey.  They have several house plants, all of which have been alive for several years. They enjoy the simple things in life, spending time with family, traveling and being outdoors in mild to very warm climates with cold weather exceptions for cutting down a Christmas tree or a really big game. 

Patrick grew up on the west side of Michigan in Holland where his parents still reside, and he visits often.  He enjoys fishing with his dad on the Boston Whaler and grilling their fresh-caught salmon for the family to enjoy.

Giving Back his Alma Mater

Patrick is a third-generation Spartan. He attended Michigan State University in 1997 and graduated in 2001. He was a student manager for the MSU Basketball Team and worked under Tom Izzo. Patrick met Aaron Thierry when they were managers. Together, they started the Beth Marinez Endowment, which funds scholarships to support the current and future student managers. Patrick and Aaron are dedicated to making sure that every student manager has the financial means for this exceptional opportunity. The endowment is highlighted every year with a one-of-a-kind event with former players, Tom Izzo and, of course, Beth Martinez. The endowment has helped raised over $150,000 in endowment gifts since 2014.

A Personal Approach

Patrick works as a relationship manager and wealth strategist with Core’s current and prospective clients. He works closely with companies involved with the Core Financial Wellness Program.  He strategizes with business owners and employees regarding building and protecting wealth, creating cash flow and sustaining generational wealth. Patrick also enjoys servicing clients and getting updates as to their personal and financial wellbeing.

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