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Customized Financial Strategies for Medical Professionals in Auburn Hills, MIWe specialize in addressing the unique needs of medical professionals in any stage of their careers.

Financial Advising for Medical Professionals in Auburn Hills MI - AdobeStock_124155095When it comes to the healthcare industry, we have found that medical professionals have a very different and specific set of financial needs when it comes to planning and investing.

At CORE Financial, we help our healthcare industry clients with investment plans, wealth strategies, and more. We have the knowledge and expertise to help set you up for financial success. 

Solutions That Grow With & Evolve With Your Career

At CORE Financial, we understand that as medical professionals, your financial situation changes as your practice grows. Our team has experience providing financial guidance to a wide variety of medical professionals in various stages of their careers, including recent medical school graduates who are moving into their first practice, mid-careers physicians, and even those transition into retirement. No matter where you are at in life, you have unique financial needs, and we can help. 

Financial Advising for Medical Professionals in Auburn Hills MI - medical2A Focus On Protecting Your Financial Future & Assets

The medical malpractice world has become a very profitable business at the expense of dedicated, hard-working medical professionals. The unfortunate fact is, medical professionals are exposed to personal liability by merely practicing medicine and doing their job. At CORE Financial, we specialize in working with medical professionals to make sure their assets and wealth are protected from any unexpected or undeserved lawsuit.

Our Methods Are Developed From Proven Strategies

Some strategies that are used by the wealthy can help medical professionals protect their wealth and liquid assets. A good example of this is Enron’s CEO Kenneth Lay; he was convicted of fraud, and many Americans lost a significant amount of money. There was no recourse against Kenneth Lay personally as his compensation package, and most of his investments were protected. While the crimes he committed are not great examples of decency and ethical practice, it is examples like this that allow us to discover proven, tested ways of making sound financial decisions that would hold up in even the most difficult situations.

*Tax and or legal advice is not offered by Core Financial.  Please consult with your tax professional or legal counsel regarding tax/legal matters.

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